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Focusing on "Deep Blue Aquaclture" and the Pasture Industry of Ocean, relying on the resources superiority, industry base and the development potential to create the modern Marine industry system with consolidating foundation and industry chain which is efficient, environmental friendly and sustainable.

About Us

  Yangjiang Haina Fisheries Company Limited (hereinafter “Haina”) was established in Nov.2008. We are a comprehensive company including the cultivation of high-quality fry, mariculture, and aquatic product processing and foreign trade. We are aiming for the high-quality seafood’s supplier of China.

Industrial Strategy

  We throw ourselves into the development of Guangdong Marine Economy Synthetical Test Site and impel the Ocean Industry Comprehensive Exploitation Projects including Yangjiang Deepwater Net Cage Culture Industrial Area, Haina Deep Sea Pasture and Ocean-going fishing.


Expand breeding space, the implementation strategy of dark blue

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